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Liquidation is a dark fantasy singleplayer and multiplayer real-time strategy game in which you take the role of a Deity to bring back balance to the devastated and war-torn world of Vea, a world that is on the edge of destruction unveiled the essence of life itself to its inhabitants. As the source of life is now shamelessly harvested and exploited to end this gruesome war in favor of one of the four relentless factions.

Command the remaining forces of the maniacal kingdom of the Twilight Crusade, the insidious dwellers of the hollow earth of the Scourge Alliance, the demonic legions coming from the dimension of the Nether or the all-consuming curse of the Ancient Corruption, a nightmare of ancient times returned.

Conquer and convert territories to your faction and manipulate the environment to further tighten your grasp on the world. Turn forest floors to breeding grounds for the Corruption or afflict the environment with the Nether and convert blooming forests into forsaken wastelands.

As the world falls into void and all that is left clashes in ruthless conflicts, a mysterious being raises from the shadows to realize its plan in secret.


  • Learn more about the world of Liquidation and its characters through the non linear campaign.

  • Each Unit matters. Equip your units with different types of weapons and lead them to victory.

  • Play one of the unique factions like the maniacal Twilight Crusade, the ruthless Nether Legion, the insidious Scourge Alliance or the all consuming Ancient Corruption each with their own unique gameplay and heroes.

  • Witness intensive offline or online skirmish battles with or against other players or the AI and climb the online ladder to prove who is truly worthy to rule.

  • Customize your own Deity Avatar and send yourself into the heat of the battle to show the mortals that what god has created, he can destroy.

  • Manage your resources carefully and survive harsh weather events like snowstorms and other natural disasters.