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Liquidation is an original Real-Time Strategy game set in a universe that mixes elements of both dark fantasy and science fiction, with support for both single-player and multiplayer modes.

The game takes place in the dying plane of Vea, which has been repeatedly ravaged and drained of its very life essence over the course of a massive war that has been going on for centuries. Now, with the doomed world drawing its dying breath, you arise as a lesser deity tasked with restoring the balance in Vea and ending this war before it is too late.

But which one of the four warring factions are you going to lend your favour to in this warís decisive moments? Will you even follow your task, or will you be the instrument that brings about Veas fateful end?


  • Campaign: Learn more about the world of Liquidation and its characters through the non-linear campaign.

  • Master four unique Factions: Command the the remaining forces of the maniacal kingdom of the "Twilight Crusade", the insidious dwellers of the hollow earth of the "Scourge Alliance", the demonic "Nether Legion" or the all consuming "Ancient Corruption" each with their own distinct abilities, weapons, and tech trees to eradicate the enemy.

  • Each Unit matters: Equip your units with different types of weapons or equipment, use the environment as cover and lead them to victory.

  • Skirmish against AI: Battle on a variety of themed maps against the AI. Solo or with friends, you choose the difficulty!

  • Ranked & Custom Online Multiplayer: Climb the online leaderboard or have a Skirmish with your friends in different game modes with custom settings!

  • Be a God: Customize your own Deity Avatar and send yourself into the heat of the battle!

  • In-Game Jukebox: Witness the whole soundtrack of Liquidation composed by Johan Lindgren known for Magicka's & Helldivers soundtrack.

  • Observer & Replay Mode: Spectate matches, share replays, analyze or improve your gameplay.

  • Full Hotkey customization: Every action can be bound to a desired key to control and play the game the way you want!